Crystal Balmung

Lavender Beds Ward 25 Plot 33

Join us for Worship

Every Saturday 7:00PM to 10:00PM EST

Welcome kith and kin and stranger alike; join with us to celebrate the Maiden’s love! Whether you seek healing, guidance, or to satiate your curiosity, all are welcome who enter these halls in good faith. We offer solace and shelter to all in need, regardless of creed or religious beliefs, so long as our precepts are respected while you are with us.May love blossom in your heart and may the Maiden bless and keep you always.

You see the moon, full and bright above you, in perfect alignment with that distant sun. You have heard that she is ice, that she tempers her sister’s brazen heat, so that the light washing over you now is cool and comforting.

Most Spoken sleep under her gaze, yet here you are...following a mysterious stranger. To where? You can’t recall. All reason aside, you feel a fluttering in your heart and know that something wonderful awaits you.

She wears a hooded cloak, spangled with stars like the night’s sky. And when she turns to offer you a smile, you notice not a sword or dagger hilted at her hip, but a cast iron skillet.

She reaches to take your hand if you’ll let her, her touch cool and oddly electric. You feel...loved? It flows from her as surely as the moonlight is reflected across our star.

This sensation of love travels throughout your body, filling your heart and lungs as if love were the very air you breathed. It tingles through your limbs and down to your toes. And most strangely of all, you feel that love turn inward in a way you may have never felt before.

You see yourself through her eyes. An imperfect being, worthy of her love. She isn’t blind to your flaws, but to her they are merely a part of that wonderfully elaborate tapestry that is you.

“You are safe now,” She says,
“Unburden your sorrows, my love.”
“Let the tension melt from your shoulders.”
“Eorzea awaits your return, but here you may rest.”
“Tend your wounds and replenish your spirit.”
“And let love blossom in your heart…”

You aren’t sure when you arrived, but before you a door opens and you’re greeted with smiling faces. And though you still feel her with you, when you turn to question her, she is no longer there.

“Welcome,” They say from within the open door, “To the Temple of Menphina.”

Crystal Balmung
Lavender Beds W25 P33
Our nearest aetheryte is
Dappled Stalls Subdivision
We are tucked away near the Lily Hills Subdivision Apartments, where many of our Clergy reside

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We are neither judge nor jury nor executioner. However, we expect all who enter here to abide our precepts.In adhering to these sacred precepts, the followers of the Temple of Menphina strive to create a haven where the eternal dance of love flourishes, connections deepen, hearts are healed, and the teachings of the Lover illuminate a path to harmonious existence.

I. Love as Thou Wilt

As the cardinal doctrine of our Temple, this precept embodies the profound belief that every soul is bestowed with the divine right to express and pursue love freely and authentically. This guiding principle champions the autonomy of individual hearts, transcending societal norms and limitations, and encourages all to embrace love in its diverse and boundless manifestations.

II. Consent is Sacred

In all matters, respect and honor the boundaries of others. Consent is paramount, and our beliefs urge us to advocate for relationships built on mutual understanding, respect, communication, and enthusiastically shared consent. It is our belief that knowingly breaching consent is the only unforgiveable sin in Maiden’s eyes.

III. Practice Compassion

Cultivate a compassionate heart and extend kindness to all. Turn this compassion inward, fostering self-love and acceptance so that one may better share love with others. Through acts of empathy and understanding, we strive to alleviate suffering and promote a world where love acts as a balm for all wounds.

IV. Guard the Sanctity of Commitments

Whether in friendship, romantic partnership, or familial ties, uphold the sanctity of commitments. As cowardice and betrayal are as venom to the Maiden, we encourage our members to honor their promises, fostering trust and enduring bonds.

V. Honor the Moonlit Cycle

We align with the natural rhythms of Menphina’s influence and in the phases of Her moon, we see a reflection of the cyclical nature of love and life. Full moons may be celebrated with joyous gatherings, while the new moon serves as a time for quiet introspections and renewal.

VI. Safeguard the Temple’s Tranquility

Maintain the tranquil atmosphere of the Temple, ensuring that it remains a haven for contemplation and connection. Disruptive behavior or actions contrary to the principles of love are not tolerated within these sacred grounds.

VII. Educate and Enlighten

Provide teachings and opportunities for spiritual growth in ways that challenge but do not seek to combat or change ones internal beliefs. While our clergy may impart wisdom on the intricacies of love, we acknowledge that we are not the only path, but in this understanding we hold respect for the diversity of belief and the role that spirituality plays in our interconnectedness with the Star as a whole.

  • 18+ only. IC and OOC.

  • Be respectful.

  • Consent is sacred, both IC and OOC. No means no. Anything short of an enthusiastic yes is a no.

  • No explicit material or graphic descriptions of underaged or dubious aged characters, including lalafell, loporitts, lolis, etc.

  • No explicit material or descriptions of abuse, extreme violence, non-con, abuse of animals, or suicide.

  • Take personal drama elsewhere.

  • Respect our leadership. If you are not in leadership, do not act like you are.

  • Respect the purpose of this community. We are a sex positive, LGBTQIA+ friendly group that enjoys religiously inspired rp. Do not disrupt this.

  • Keep OOC/IC separate.

  • While in our discord, please respect that all of our public channels are SFW. NSFW channels are either opt in or for Congregation and Clergy only.

  • If you have a problem, report it.

  • Have fun!

Venue Specific

  • We do not permit cold bookings for NSFW services. Please take a moment to get to know our Clergy.

  • You may, however, request SFW services at any time.

  • All services are paid for in Gil prior to services being rendered.

  • No refunds.

  • Do not enter private rooms without Clergy permission.

  • Please do not have minions or weapons out during Worship Services.

  • Do not ERP in public spaces.

  • We do not have a public syncshell.

There is no single path to the Heavens. The Maiden is not prideful, nor jealous. She demands nothing, but offers all to those who seek it. Our beliefs are not the only truth. They are, however, the path we choose to follow, guided by the Maiden's pale moonlight.

We believe this star was cultivated by the Twelve, who then gifted it to our ancestors in honor of our people's ingenuity and resourcefulness. It is our responsibility to continue being worthy of this gift.We believe Menphina, second daughter of Althyk, presides over the hearts of Spoken. Matters of love, fellowship, and faithfulness fall within the realm of the Maiden's governance.We believe the Maiden carries her father's gift of creation. She created the Heaven and Hell of Ice, where heroes rest and cowards are punished, where Halone presides as judge over such souls. Though she does not pass judgement, it is She who creates and destroys, and holds the wisdom to know when each is needful.We believe that the Maiden chose not to reveal herself to any one city or nation so that she remain within reach for all. As such, we will never turn any away based solely on creed, race, or nation.We believe that salvation may be found in following the Precepts of our blessed Maiden. Not all may enter Halone's hall of heroes, but if we are true and faithful, we will be united with Menphina as a star among her night's sky.We believe that acts of worship, fellowship, and communion strengthen our faith and provide a beacon of hope to those who are lost and in pain. The most holy act in the Maiden's name is to love freely and unhindered.

We believe that through our service to the people of this star, the Maiden rewards us with her many blessings. Be it a healing touch, divine sight, or wisdom, She works through us each so that this Star and all its people may be healed and know love.Those drawn to serve within this Temple are thus children of the Maiden. As her children, we embody her strength, creativity, and unyielding capacity for love and compassion. As her children, it is our duty to exemplify her teachings and aid all who seek our help.

Services may be requested during our weekly Worship Service.
Many of our Clergy offer specialized services. Please view their personal pages for more information.

Some among our Clergy serve as Theologians, delivering teachings that weave together the wisdom of Menphina with the daily intricacies of love. During such meetings, devotees, each with hearts aglow, gather in a spirit of unity and reverence, their prayers blending with the soothing cadence of the sermon. The atmosphere is one of communal introspection, a sacred communion with the goddess of love, where the celestial energy transcends the mundane, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who partake in the divine wisdom of the Temple of Menphina.Sermons begin at 7:15PM EST during Worship Services.

The Oracles of Menphina provide a unique and sacred service within the Temple's embrace. With eyes reflecting the wisdom of the moon, the Oracles channel the ethereal energies of Menphina to offer personalized divinations and guidance to seekers. As supplicants present their queries and concerns, the Oracles interpret the celestial patterns and impart words of solace and foresight. Whether unraveling the threads of love, untangling the complexities of relationships, or shedding light on the path of one's spiritual journey, the Oracle's presence is a conduit for the goddess's blessings, illuminating the way forward with the gentle radiance of Menphina's grace.

Most scared among our duties, companionship is offered by all members of our Clergy, be they Acolyte, Priest, or Hound. Devoted to fostering connections that transcend the temporal, the temple provides a haven where individuals seeking companionship, be it romantic or platonic, find solace and understanding. Guided by the gentle wisdom of the Clergy who facilitate and celebrate these connections. Here, seekers forge bonds under the benevolent gaze of Menphina, the Lover, sharing laughter, support, and the luminous energy of love in its myriad forms.

Our Priesthood offers a myriad of enchanting rituals, each a celestial celebration of love’s diverse manifestations. Sacred bonding ceremonies, where lovers pledge their devotion to one another. Vow renewal rites that weave a thread of enduring commitment. Moonlit vigils, in reverence of all that was and can never be again. And so many more. Our rituals stand as poignant expressions of love’s eternal dance, inviting all who seek the divine embrace of the Maiden to partake in these ceremonies.

Our healing services transcend the physical realm, encompassing a holistic approach that nurtures the well-being of both body and soul. Those who seek us for healing find solace in sacred spaces infused with the soothing energy of Menphina's love. Healing rituals intertwine traditional remedies offer restoration and comfort to those in need. Gentle incantations and lunar-infused potions, administered with care, provide not only relief from physical ailments but also a balm for emotional wounds.

Do you wish to memorialize your time with us? We have a few very talented Clergy who would be happy to capture your likeness, whether through candid photos throughout our gatherings or requesting a private set.

Package OnePackage TwoPackage Three
100,000 Gil200,000 Gil per person300,000 Gil per person
1 Pose2 Poses2 Poses
3 Photos3 Photos of each pose3 Photos of each pose
Limit 1 PersonLimit 2 PeopleLimit 3 People

Photo packages are only available during Worship Services.If you would like to commission any of our photographers for additional or more complex work, please contact them through our discord.

All service requests include the use of a private room for no additional fee.

However, if you would like to book a room for yourself and others, we ask for a donation of 100,000 gil per hour, per person utilizing the room. Requests for private rooms during Worship Services are limited based on availability.

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During Worship Services you can identify members of our clergy by:

Looking for Party:
NSFW Bookings may be Available.
Please speak to clergy directly before requesting NSFW services.

Looking to meld:
SFW Bookings only or No Bookings.

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In the Congregation, you will find a haven of acceptance, where diversity is cherished, and the pursuit of genuine connections is celebrated. Our rituals and ceremonies, guided by the benevolent teachings of Menphina, the Lover, provide opportunities for spiritual growth, communal support, and the exploration of the boundless beauty that love bestows upon us.((Congregation is our VIP program. It is also the NSFW side of the Temple.))
((All new members are vetted for community safety.))

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1,000,000 Gil20,000,000 Gil50,000,000 Gil
Access to all NSFW Congregation discord channelsAll Congregant benefitsAll Congregant benefits
Access to NSFW off hours bookings1 free photo session per month (limit 2 people, 2 poses, 4 photos. SFW or NSFW)2 free photo sessions per month (limit 3 people, 3 poses, 6 photos per set. SFW or NSFW)
A special discord role and color1 free booking per month (SFW or NSFW, limit 2 hours)2 free bookings per month (SFW or NSFW, limit 3 hours)
Invitation to NSFW/Private Temple Gatherings  

Already a member of our Congregation or not interested in the NSFW side of things but still want to support the Temple?You may make donations to our Saints at any time!All donations support our staff and the continued existence of the Temple!

The Keepers of the Keys within the Temple of Menphina. They are the foundation on which the Temple has been constructed. Together they act as guide and beacon to all who are called to serve; attending first and foremost to the Temple, its Clergy, and Congregation.

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Any who hears Menphina’s call and feels the Maiden’s love in their heart may seek to serve within the Temple. Offering their talents and skills as acts of worship to the devout who enter our halls, the Priesthood of this Temple strive to embody our teachings.

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As Menphina once had Dalamud by her side, so does the Temple keep Hounds loyal to our cause. They are the martial order of the Maiden; tasked with protecting both the Temple and the devout from harm. While love comes in many forms, few rival as fervent as the desire to protect that burns within our Hounds.

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Esteemed members of our Clergy who are no longer able to commit to a life of active service take on the role of Temple Elders, those wise souls who have watched the Temple grow and may, at times, offer their hard earned wisdom to the newest among our Clergy.

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